Simmons Celebrates 50 Years

16th Sep 2012

On September 16 many current and former employees gathered to re-acquaint, reminisce and enjoy a fantastic meal together in celebration of Simmons marking 50 years in business.

Simmons Drilling was established in 1962 by Dale Simmons and his wife Joan in Saskatchewan, Canada with the acquisition of one drilling rig. Ken Crowshaw joined Dale in 1966 and together they established head offices in Calgary. Vic Redekop joined the team in 1974 and they proceeded to grow the organization’s oil-field service operations.

Through the years the Simmons Group tackled many ventures besides drilling: salt cavern engineering, rig manufacturing, pipeline operations, helicopter charter business, hovercraft design and manufacturing, infrared technology and helicopter seismic service to name a few. In all there have been 19 different companies under the Simmons Group banner.

In the early 1980′s, Simmons Group ventured into overseas activities through acquisitions and new business ventures which lead to MBP in Indonesia, Edeco Petroleum Services in UK, Oryx in Oman, Simmons Drilling (Overseas) in Albania and a few others.

In 2012 the company was rebranded to make it more recognizable worldwide. The SIMMONS EDECO brand name was launched early in 2012 in recognition of the drilling and service side of SIMMONS and wellhead and valve service side of EDECO.

Thanks to all those that were able to help us celebrate this milestone!


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