Achilles UVDB Verify audit

18th Jun 2015

Simmons Edeco is pleased to announce we successfully passed our Achilles UVDB Verify audit.

The UVDB Verify audit provides a rigorous two day assessment of a company’s internal management systems, with a particularly attention on Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental requirements (QHSE). In addition, Achilles provides a forum for industry collaboration and innovation, for both buyers and suppliers within the Utilities sector.

The auditing procedure involves an independent assessor completing both an office and onsite visit, scoring the company against set criteria, which is then bench-marked against the industry average.

"The objective of the Achilles UVDB Verify Audit is to establish a formal and consistent audit of a supplier’s management system and supporting resources” – Achilles Verify Scheme Rule Book, Volume 1, October 2014.

QHSE is extremely important to us. It helps us to protect all of our employees both in the office and out on site. UVDB Verify ensures that our site method statements, risk assessments, safe systems and site arrangements are to a high quality and are fully effective. This ensures a safe working environment for both our people and our clients.

We achieved 98% on the following sections; Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health & Safety and Quality. We are delighted to have had such a successful audit and would like to thank everyone for their input and professionalism within the audit and day to day operations.


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