Drilling and Workover Services

Onshore drilling.  It’s what we do.

When it comes to helping our customers achieve maximum production, we’re way ahead.  Why?

We’ve been providing onshore drilling services – and completion and workover services - for nearly 60 years.  

By drilling deep wells for the global oil, gas, geothermal, and geoscientific industries, we have a vast wealth of experience to formulate the drilling solution for you.

We’ve provided key guidance and services to those engaged in exploring for oil and gas.  Plus, helped operators by drilling appraisal and development wells.  Over time, we have drilled a wide range of wells:


-High angle

-Long reach


-Lateral and multi-lateral trajectories

-Underbalanced drilling

-Slim hole

 Average drilling depth:  4000 to 7000

By relying upon our fleet of state-of-the-art drilling rigs, we typically drill wells of up to 4,000 meters, although we have experience in drilling up to 7,000 meters.



Our Drilling Services

   Coal exploration boreholes, including coring

   Coal bed methane development

   Low and high enthalpy geothermal wells

   Development drilling, including multiple well pad operations using innovative skidding systems for efficient moves

   Gas and liquid storage well drilling for aquifer and salt cavern storage

   Difficult rig moves, featuring a range of logistics scenarios in every climate and terrain

   Project management of integrated contracts, including design of drilling programs

   Innovative contracting solutions for a wide variety of projects

   Extensive experience in operating in environmentally sensitive locations


Regardless of where you plan to drill onshore, we have the experience, equipment and manpower to drill your well to target depth, on time.


Rigs 835 & 836 Drone Footage.


Drone Footage Rigs 835 & 836 from SIMMONS EDECO on Vimeo.


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